About the Faroese Depth Model

The Faroese Depth Model (FODM50_2024) is a digital bathymetric model, within the coverage LL: 61°18’N 007°47’W UR: 62°25’N 006°02’W, which equivalences the coverage of Faroese National Charts 82 and 83.  The model has a grid resolution of 50 metres and is based on a collection of hydrographic survey datasets and historical sources.
The model was created using a regularly spaced grid with a resolution of 50 meters, using the true position of the selected sounding within the grid area. The horizontal datum of the model is ETRS89. The vertical datum is Lowest Astronomical Tide (LAT).  The extent of the model is constrained between LL: 61°18’N 007°47’W UR: 62°25’N 006°02’W, and the coastline, generalized at 1:100,000 scale.
The selection of the depths is based on a priority mechanism so that data from modern datasets are preferred to historical sources (e.g., multibeam vs. singlebeam surveys). Then, the representative depth is obtained by choosing the shallowest depth allocated from the selected input source to a given grid cell. When there is a lack of available bathymetric data, a depth estimate is provided using interpolation.  The interpolated points are in the centre of the 50m grid squares.  The model consists of 4,0 Mio. depths, consisting of 1,5 Mio. measured depths and 2,5 Mio. interpolated depths.
The model is not designed for navigation and must not be used for safety of navigation. The original bathymetric datasets themselves are not distributed with the model but described in the auxiliary layers to provide information about the bathymetric sources used for FODM50_2024.



The model is made available through the Faroese Environment Agency. 
The Depth Model can be downloaded as GeoTIFF files in the Faroe TM / ETRS89 projection (FOTM) (EPSG:5316). The model is also made available as an xyz file.
The model consists of two layers
FODM2024_50m_Depth.TIF: The primary layer containing the depth values (in metres)
FODM2024_50m_Int.TIF: An auxiliary layer providing the source of the data, as either SingleBeam/Multibeam (0) or Interpolated (1)

Terms and Conditions

The Faroese Environment Agency holds the copyright to the Faroese Depth Model.  Please see the terms and conditions.

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