About Føroyakort

This website is maintained and administered by the Environment Agency in the Faroe Islands.
The Environment Agency is the authority on matters concerning location information (maps and geodata). This will be the site where the Environment Agency will publish authoritative maps and geodata, free for the public to use.

The Environment Agency already maintains and administers the geoportal kortal.fo, which is a site mostly used by the public to do cadastral searches.
Because geodata are now free on the Faroe Islands, this new website (føroyakort.fo) was made, which kortal.fo is now a part of. On this new website, you will have access to the geodata that the Environment Agency owns and maintains. You can download the geodata, use the webservices or the web apps set up by the Environment Agency.

A collaboration with the Faroese Digitization Programme

Føroyakort.fo is a collaboration between the Environment Agency and the Faroese Digitization Programme. One of the projects of the Faroese Digitization Programme is to digitize the basic data.
Basic data are public, fundamental informations about the Faroe Islands and the people who live here, collected over decades.
These basic data are accessible and free to use, in order to create growth, production capacity and thereby use-value for the society, whether it be for public, industrial or private use.
Users should be able to use different basic data together seamlessly, therefor a lot of energy is going into standardizing and improving the quality of the data. This is where the collaboration is.

The Environment Agency in the Faroe Islands is a public agency under the Ministry of Trade and the Environment. The agency comprises the branches environmental protection, environmental research, energy matters, electrical supply inspection, plantations, recreational areas, geodata, maps, land registry and national registry.

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